Audiology services offered in Brooklyn and Rego Park, Queens, NY

Hearing isn’t only crucial for your daily life; it also plays a role in your balance. At the New York Institute for Otolaryngology and Aesthetic Surgery, Raj Bhayani, MD, offers audiology as a specialty to help diagnose hearing issues and balance problems. If you live in the Bensonhurst or Rego Park communities, Dr. Bhayani gets you same-week appointments when your hearing is an issue. Call one of the offices today or book a consultation on the website to schedule an appointment.

Audiology Q&A

What is audiology?

Audiology is a medical specialty that focuses on your hearing and balance. Its main goal is to find hearing problems or balance issues that originate in your ears.


If you’re having trouble hearing or are dealing with balance or equilibrium issues, Dr. Bhayani is an expert ENT who offers audiology as a specialty in his practice. This includes tests to evaluate your hearing and find other issues like tinnitus.


Audiology includes complete hearing tests, fitting of hearing aids, and comprehensive treatment for ringing in your ears and balance problems. You can also receive hearing and speech rehabilitation through the practice.

Why is audiology important?

Audiology is an important aspect of any ENT practice, as it provides integrated and comprehensive care when you’re dealing with any issue that affects your ears. 


Hearing is something many people take for granted until it’s affected. Audiology provides modern technology to test your hearing and treatments like hearing aids to correct the problem.


Balance issues are also often caused by problems within your ears. Problems with your balance may lead to falls, injury, and inability to function properly. This affects your social life and your work or career as well.

What problems can audiology diagnose?

Audiology is performed on patients of any age, even newborns. One of the tests performed in the hospital after birth is a hearing test. This allows for immediate management and treatment of hearing problems in infants.


Hearing loss presents many challenges, which is why audiology is around. It helps diagnose hearing problems, so you can receive treatment in the form of hearing aids or cochlear implants to hopefully restore your hearing.


Balance problems are also diagnosed through audiology. If the problem lies within your ear, Dr. Bhayani provides comprehensive treatment to restore your balance and functionality.


Speech problems go hand-in-hand with hearing issues. Audiology not only helps you diagnose speech issues but provides long-term management and speech rehabilitation services to allow you to communicate clearly.


To learn how audiology can help you, call the New York Institute of Otolaryngology and Aesthetic Surgery today to schedule an appointment. You can also book a consultation on the website using the convenient scheduling tool.